Chandler TX Fungi Forager/Elmer/Teacher/ID'er

I am hoping to meet and forage with someone/community/group that knows what is edible/medicinal and that has patience to teach.
Had a few “magical” experiences a few years back that changed my perspective about reality. Paul Stamets intrigued me into wanting to forage Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tails and more.
I’m not seeking “magic”.
I’m seeking to learn what is edible/medicinal.
Being I have no experience other than some magic and growing Lion’s Mane, I am seeking an experienced forager that is willing to share their experience.

There are many great online resources for learning about and identifying fungi. Some of my personal favorite resources apart from iNaturalist are as well as These are great for providing detailed images, habitat descriptions, etc. to confirm your findings. That being said, the best way to learn is definitely to go out in the woods with someone who is an experienced forager. If you are unsuccessful finding anyone online, I would highly recommend that you look into regional mycological societies that may be near you. A few mycological societies that are near you in Texas are the Central Texas Mycological Society ( and the North Texas Mycological Association ( Groups like these typically host events ranging from foraging expeditions to presentations to help familiarize members with the local fungal species. These can be particularly useful since they will focus on regional species as well as give you an opportunity to network with and pick the brains of experienced foragers. Many of the tips and tricks you can learn from experienced foragers are region-specific knowledge that one could typically not expect to gain from an online or printed resource. Apart from these, I would recommend that you pick up a field guide to mushrooms in your area as well as familiarize yourself with basic fungal biology if you have not already. I can’t speak to what field guides are most helpful for Texas since I am based in Michigan, but this is definitely something that the local mycological societies would have recommendations for as well. Best of luck! Fungi are fascinating organisms, and there is so much to learn!


I had found the Central… Society, but that is longer of a drive than I wanted. Appreciate the tip on the north texas one… I will check it out.
Off to see if I can afford and find a field guide now…
I’ve read lots about fungi over the last few years and have grown a few species successfully but want to appreciate nature more by working with her directly. I never knew mushrooms were medicinal until I ran across Paul Stamets… And with the crap portrayed through technology, I want to rely on Nature/God than man/pharma…
Thanks for your words and time and many blessings. Much appreciated :pray:

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