Change taxon page map verifiable/unverifiable functionality

So that rather than the toggle currently present for observations without media, it rather shows all casual or non-verifiable options.

A 2nd option is to change the behaviour of the existing observations button to be with toggle on verifiable shown and toggle off all shown.

The first option would be my preferred route as it allows turning off observation layers the same way all other layers could be turned off which is not supported by option 2

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(going through voting for old requests)

I’m having a hard time remembering/wrapping my head around what you’re requesting here. Can you explain it in another way?

@cmcheatle the current options on the taxon page maps are:
-Verifiable (Needs ID + Research Grade)
-Observations without media (Casual grade because they lack media)


That leaves out observations that are Casual/non-verifiable for some other reason, like lacking a date, or because someone opted out of community ID and the community disagrees with their ID. Are you asking for those types of Casual observations to also be shown on the map, or was the addition of the captive/cultivated checkbox to the map in early 2020 sufficient?

i wonder if should be merged into this feature request at this point (or vice versa)?

I’ll just copy some of @rupertclayton’s relevant text, since it looks like that bug was resolved (right?).

I’ll also add that I don’t want to see spam, copyright infringement, opted out maverick IDs, and other casual grade observations on taxon page range maps; I think I’m happy with the current set of choices.

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well, a change was made, and i guess it resolved something. there was just never really clarity about what the map actually should do in terms of all the various types of casual observations. so i suppose here is as good a place as any to continue that conversation.

Since the fix, I haven’t really dug into exactly which observations are shown or hidden on the taxon maps, probably because there are many fewer inconsistencies than before.

I agree with @bouteloua that I do not want to see spam, copyright infringement or opted out maverick IDs. I do think there are likely other observations that are casual for reasons other than the lack of media. @pisum raises the issue of an observation that is marked “as good as it can be” at family level. That seems like something I would want to see on the Family level taxon map, and likely to be a real issue with taxa such as invertebrates, lichens, etc.

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Closing for now as the functionality of taxon page maps has changed. See questions above and send me a message if you’d like to clarify/reopen your request.