Explore map doesn't show both wild and non-wild points at the same time


See https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/733722-Leucadendron-laureolum-×-salignum
This is a hybrid cultivar, so should almost always be “not wild”

However, if I go to the maps tab, and click off the " * Verifiable Observations" option, it still shows nothing, despite my checking that the place filter is global.

According to https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&subview=grid&taxon_id=733722&verifiable=any there should be 10 observations.

Is this a bug, or some functionality I am unaware of.

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I’m seeing 10 observations when I click off verifiable:

Perhaps just a glitch?



All the casual grade ones are hidden on the map though

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I might be wrong, but on the taxa page map view, I believe the filter means either show verifiable observations (if enabled) or show no observations (if disabled), I don’t think you can choose on that map view to see both verifiable and non verifiable records.

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Sorry, misread, (sigh). I generally just use observations search so I rarely think of taxon pages. Inquiring with our developers…



Would you not need a three-way toggle, one for dont show any observations, and one each for the two types of observations.

I don’t think this is a bug, it strikes me as the intended behaviour, given that all the other toggles on there are to allow showing or hiding outright of data not chossing a specific subset of it.



Talking with Ken-ichi, checking the verifiable box should append “verifiable=true” to the map request, and un-checking it should remove that, thus showing all observations. I’ll file an issue so it can be looked into some more.



I’m unclear why you would have that 1 option on the map to be forced to always be visible, that way it means unlike all the other criteria on the map - checklists, GBIF records etc there is no way to turn it off.

Would a better choice not be to change the behaviour of the Observations without Media toggle to be any non verifiable observation for whatever reason, and then maintain the consistency of behaviour of being able to remove that category from visibility for all layers on the map ?



Feel free to add to the issue, I just wanted to get one started so this can be looked into.


Change taxon page map verifiable/unverifiable functionality

Request added, when approved, I will edit this to include a link.



Well, we should make sure “mapped wrong” observations still don’t show up. Wrong date, etc are fine. It would be neat to be able to specifically toggle just the observations that need ID too! But I realize not everyone wants 100 map layers the way I do