Provide a link to observation explore page despite lacking verifyable reports

In case of relatively few kinds of organisms we may have just some “casual” or captive / cultivated observations, but not yet “verifyable” ones. In such case the taxon page does not provide links leading to observation explore page, so i needed to take another way to see the “casual” reports. As example i may not get easily from to there
Since that i do suggest to provide links despite missing verifyable observations.

You can use the search filters to include non-verifiable and captive organisms, and that should include most (all?) of the casual observations.


On the taxon page Map tab, you can see the non-verifiable observations via the “Overlays” menu in the upper right corner of the map. Just tick the boxes for Captive/Cultivated and/or Observations without Media.


You can use other ways to find the observations you are interested in (such as above), or make a feature request (though be sure to include all the details requested). Since this is a pretty uncommon occurrence/represents a very low proportion of IDs on iNat, redesigning the taxon page to deal with it seems like it might not be a high priority though.

I got to those casual observations of Polystichum rigens in just a few easy steps (on the website, using Safari):
– In the general search box in the upper left (not the Explore tab), type in the taxon name. When iNat finds the correct taxon, select “View Observations”. That brings up the standard “Observations” page which, by default shows only “Verifiable” observations (in this case, zero).
– Click on the Filters menu in the upper right and then deselect “Verifiable”. All the Casual observations appear.

Is this what you were hoping to see?


You’re right for sure, it’s no essential or important feature, as there are several other ways to get to explore casual obss. Thanks for caring and responding anyway!

Best thanks, yes thats one of several ways to explore casual reports in case of missing verifyable ones. I just wanted to suggest to make it a little bit easier.
As it is not important, there is no need to do much effort.
Thanks for caring and responding!
Best regards

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