Changing boundaries of a place I created

Previous topics on this subject indicate that when Editing a place you created, there should be an option on screen to edit layers, or movable boundary lines should appear. This isn’t happening. I can see no way to change the boundary other than to upload a new kml. I need to enlarge the boundary to encompass that of the same “location” that shows up when adding observations. As it is, some observations made within the boundary are not showing up because their manually defined location radius exceeds it.

Welcome to the forum! Places can now only be updated from new KMLs, but you can download the existing one, edit it in a separate software, and upload it.

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this is correct. the old page that allowed you to edit polygons has been purposely removed as of July. see: that thread describes how to get a kml file for an existing place, and there are lots of tools mentioned in that thread and elsewhere that can be used to edit kmls.

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Thanks. Will do. Other solutions (for development) might be to allow use of Google locations in projects, rather than just user-created places; or to allow use of user-created places as locations for observations.

depending on the nature of your project, you could also just define it as a traditional project and add observations to it manually.

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Google locations can be not really correct as of boundaries, plus if Google changes them it will affect iNat projects, which is probably the main reason to keep with local places only (and maybe Google could ask more money for that or it’d hard to programm).

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