Modify location map polygon

I have created a map for my project. Unfortunately I have missed half a field with lots of observations in it. How do I tweak the map polygon to make the border correct.

View the place ( and at the bottom right of the map is the option to edit.

On the resulting edit page you need to “Edit layers” (the pen in a box symbol on the left side of the map) and then you can move the vertex markers, or create new vertices by dragging the midline markers.

Choose save (on the map next to the pen in box symbol) to save the layer

Then choose save at the bottom of the page to save the place.

It will take you back to the view place page. Don’t be alarmed that the map still shows the old polyline(s), because the display is probably cached. You can check to make sure it is saved correctly simply by changing the zoom level to one that hasn’t been viewed yet, so that it needs to redraw…

@kueda the “bug” where the map still shows the pre-edit shape is still in play… when I tested this just now, zooming to a couple other levels before doing the edit makes it so that those zoom levels are also affected once you return.


Regarding that bug. I edited my project shape a few days ago and for a couple of hours the pre-edited shape showed, but after a few hours it settled down on the updated shape. It may just be a lag in updating the info.


In addition to what @kiwifergus said, you can upload a KML file once the edit window is open (draw the exact shape in Google Earth as a polygon, save it as a KML, then upload it to iNat via that edit window).


Although the new border may not display in “places”, it usually does display correctly immediately if you use “explore” and add the place to the filter.

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Thanks. Worked perfectly.

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I am unable to save as KML

can you give more details?

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