Chrome/site language issue?

As of yesterday, I keep getting translation popups on desktop chrome:

This happens (so far) only on inaturalist – on any page on No other domains seem to be affected. Is this on my end or did something change?

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I get this all the time, something between Google, the site and their communication can’t seem to decide if it wants to show me Danish or English, and depending on which I get I will get that popup. It’s not since yesterday, but ongoing for a long period. I get it on other sites, but it is far more prevalent on iNat.

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We’ll take a look. Any conditions that will make this consistently happen?

It just started doing it on my college’s site too. Must be on my end, but thanks for taking a look.

Time to reinstall Chrome, I guess.

I get it everytime I start the site. I don’t know if it is somehow related to something in my config.

I have:

  • Chrome as my browser, I’m away from my main pc, but it will be the latest as it is set to auto update
  • my Windows OS is in English
  • for the most part, my computer thinks I am running in Danish for most web operations though. Even if I most recently used the site in English, as soon as I open the splash page, it is in Danish. And I get the popup. Most other websites I visit seem to think I am running in Danish as well.
  • when I go to run the site
  • login page is in Danish
  • after I click the login wih google icon, the chose an account page in Danish
  • but then the warning page about iNat accessing your account etc is in English
  • then when I get to the home page, it displays in either Danish or English, always whatever I was using when I last used the site (so that is sticky).

I also get the translate this page ? popup each time I change the iNat language from English to Danish.

I suspect it has something to do with what google thinks I want as a language, maybe even based on the settings from my Android phone being carried over.

Even when I run iNat in English, the labels on the google maps widget remain in Danish.

Going through old bugs - is this still happening?

Not for me. As far as I can tell it did turn out to be a problem on my end. I changed some chrome setting and it went away for me.

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