Clavulinopsis identification

What is the recommended identification literature to British Clavulinopsis species, please? Or any good websites that illustrate spores?

There is a key to British Clavulinopsis in the BMS’s newletter “Keys” Vol.2 Autumn 1989 which also gives references to images in other publications.
If you would like me to email you a scan of it send me a DM.

Martin and Pam Ellis produce a key, brief descriptions an drawings for their 1990 book ‘Fung without gills’. The book isn’t in the same category as their monumental ‘Microfungi on land plants’, but nevertheless very useful.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can borrow a copy. It starts at £185 secondhand.

There are useful spore pictures for UK species on, but not quite a full set.

Most common species of the clavarioids (and all groups of larger fungi) are in the magnificent Fungi of Temperate Europe. These 2 volumes are most certainly value for money.

Thanks for that. It is unavailable from NHBS at present, but in stock and £10 cheaper from Pemberley Books.

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