Clean-up of items in 'source' box on create taxa page?

Has someone gone in and done a clean-up or deletion of items in the source box used in the create taxa page ?

For example, trying to add a plant sourced from POWO and searching now am getting no entries for Plants of the World or POWO which used to have many.

Do others see the same ? Don’t want to re-add and create yet another duplicate if it is some kind of localized glitch on my end.

Likewise in the taxa group I manage, there were maybe 15-20 different iterations of the World Spider Catalogue, now I get no results when searching.


Currently if I type “powo” into the source box on, I get a single reference for Plants of the World Online. If I type “plants” I get a list of 5 references, including the one for POWO.

So if you are seeing something different, then yes, there must be some localization difference going on.

Im not sure why there would be a localization difference, I’m logged into .org, not one of the portals.

I still see nothing if I enter POWO, Plants does return 5, 2 of which are for Plants of the World Online, but for specific pages there.

There was until today a much longer list. Not sure if they have been deleted, the lookup has gotten broken etc.

I agree, I don’t know how localization would play in here.

I noticed several months ago that a lot of the redundant POWO references had gone away.

Of the 2 that come up when I type in “plants” one is a general reference, not page-specific:

POWO (Plants of the World Online)
POWO (continuously updated),, Added on Oct. 13, 2019 23:49:34 -0700

This is the same one I see when I just type in POWO. Can’t explain why you aren’t seeing the same thing. :face_with_monocle:

One thing I do notice is that, when I put the cursor in the box but haven’t yet typed anything, most (but definitely not all) of the references listed are ones that I created in the past. And I may have created that generalized POWO reference too.

So I’m wondering if maybe only references created by staff, plus my own, are visible to me, and not those created by other curators? Just a hypothesis…

Pretty much everything is gone for me, even the entry for GBIF is gone. Just not sure if this is intentional, or a bug introduced into the search in which case this should be repurposed as a bug report.

@tiwane - did you guys do something here ?

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I’ve had sources I just added yesterday not be searchable as well (oddly, it was 2 that it couldn’t find after a handful worked as normal). I waited overnight to see if it were just a cache issue, but it persists today.

Edit: I’ve also been having issues with a lot of stuff loading (updates on the home page, observation searches, and other things. They result in the same spinning wheel that I get if I search for my searches by a unique search term - I similarly receive fewer, though I don’t think as limited, results when I use a broader search term). I’m not sure if this all is related or not, but I wonder if there’s been increased use of the site with various stay-at-home orders. I’ll also be checking to see if any of what I have going on could be on my end.

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Tony’s provided this update related to a similar bug report, so it doesn’t appear to be a clean-up. Thomas appears to be seeing the same thing I’m seeing, and I presume the same thing y’all have.

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Appears fixed. The github issue was closed and I see stuff properly there now.

Still strange that there was a difference between two users in what was displayed. I still see the same (apparently correct) choices as before, using our same search terms. Odd.