Clicking opens the page I have open

Well, this is weird… When I click the link above from @cmcheatle (, this is the page that opens:

That happens to be the page I have open in another browser window. I refreshed the forum page twice, think it is a browser glitch. But the same observation opened.

If I click Tap to Show Preview, the same observation page displays.

Browser glitch? I’m using Safari on an iPad…

I moved your post to a new topic. Only curators will be able to access the new taxon page. Do you get a banner at the top of the page with a message to that effect? This is what happens when I open the link in a window where I’m not signed into iNat:


And this is what I see when I’m logged into a test account that isn’t a curator:


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Thanks. Your title describes it well.
The warning page is not what comes up for me, but an iNat page I have open in a different tab. I tried the same thing on my husband’s computer. This time that link opened opened the iNaturalist homepage. So, I logged in there and went to the People page. Then, I went to the forum post again, and clicking that link went to the People page.

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I’m curious whether or not you see the warning banner in any of those situations though? It’s not a standalone warning page, just a banner at the top. Can you share a screenshot of the standalone page / exactly what you see when you click the link?

No, I don’t see a warning banner. This is a screenshot of the page that opened just now when when I clicked the link above:

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I just tried that URL from my account, and it also reverts to the last observation I was viewing. The warning banner displays at the top of the page, but fades out in less than 5 seconds, so I probably would have missed it if I wasn’t looking for it. (In case it’s a browser-specific problem, I’m using Firefox 80.0 in Linux.) If this is a common problem, it might be worth a feature request to make those warnings persistent, requiring the user to click the “X” to clear them.