Coastal Boundary Issue

When I selected China as place of interest in my observations search, I found a bunch of my obs are not included due to inaccurate coastal boundary delineation. As a result, a search of all my observations in Shanghai (bounding box) would return with more results than my observations in China.

By looking at other posts I realized this might be a general issue. And looking at the boundary of China east coast on inat atlas I found there are numerous spots excluded from the bounding area. Some of these places, including the easternmost cape of Shanghai, where a number of my obs are from, are important areas on the East Asia-Australasian flyway. Is there a way to fix this issue?


It’s really odd that this place has a different boundary in Explore ( vs. Places ( (also place id 6903)). The one in Places has a much larger coastal buffer and is more accurate instead of a bunch of blocky rectangles and triangle around islands.

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We use a simplified boundary at - complex boundaries would slow things down too much. The boundary used for China is at

@andriy can you please share a URL of an observation of yours that you think should show up in the results depicted in the top screenshot?

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Ok, that makes sense. Thanks!

@andriy - if you are ever unsure if a record is being captured by a place, especially with the simplified border used on that page, just open the record, click on the ‘Details’ link under the map, and look under Encompassing Places.

For example this one of yours which ‘appears’ outside the Chinese border drawn can still be seen to be within China according to the more complex map internally stored.

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Thank you all for the input. @tiwane Here is one of the observations in question: Thanks to @cmcheatle I now see that observations like these show only Shanghai but not China in the “encompassing places” entry under “details”.

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