COL source URL broken on import

Taxa brought in via external name providers have a source URL on the taxon edit page. When the source was COL, the URL is wrong.


The working URL is

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Inaturalist does not use COL, it uses some other website that says “Warning, not secure. Attackers might be present.” However, this glitch may be due to the new update that came out yesterday. @tiwane @kueda Do you know why this is happening?

Yes, you can still import taxa from Catalogue of Life to iNaturalist. The URI you’re seeing on the taxon editing form is the URI we get from the Catalogue of Life API. If that URI does not act as a URL and resolve to an actual location on the Internet, that is an issue you should take up with Catalogue of Life.

If you’re seeing some kind of security warning on iNaturalist, please provide a screenshot.


@kueda Your plant database that you use is not secure and has a red warning symbol in the corner. Do you know what the website is called again?

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Again, if you’re seeing a security warning on iNaturalist, please provide a screenshot. If you’re seeing it on another website, that’s beyond our control.


It is on another website.

Is it Plants of the World?