Catalogue of life 2012 connection outdated

There is a discrepancy between the species on inaturalist and those on catalogue of life. For Polyplacophora (Mollusca) not all currently accepted species present on WoRMS or catalogue of life are present. When I try to search the taxa on inat the link I see is to Catalogue of Life: 2012 Annual Checklist which is obviously outdated. I presume it is still connected to the old database and not the new one? How can I add taxa to Inaturalist?

Welcome to the forum! Please flag taxa so that a curator can add missing taxa. For mollusks we use MolluscaBase, so if you can add a link it will make things easier. I’m guessing that the Catalogue of Life link is for automatic imports but it doesn’t guarantee anything. I have added Rhyssoplax discolor to our system.

You can also add certain species by writing the full species genus in an ID bar on an obs., clicking search external databases, and then making the ID. (After which you can also delete the ID and it will still remain added to taxonomy.)

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