Common name capitalized two different ways in the suggestion box

Platform: website
Browser: Chrome

When typing a common name into the “Suggest an Identification” box without capital letters, the list of potential results includes the common name twice in each result: once with initial capital letters, and again as originally typed. This seems wrong.


This bug doesn’t happen if the common name is typed with the same capitalization as expected:


This bug doesn’t occur when typing in the “Explore” field at the top of the page:


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Maybe relevant:

NOTE: For reasons of style, iNaturalist often automatically displays common names in title case.


Common names for plants, fungi, and other non-animal taxa should be entered in lowercase (e.g. spotted gum) except for proper nouns, which should start with a capital letter wherever they appear (e.g. Tasmanian blue gum).

I think it’s because the lower case name is what’s supposed to be entered but it’s displayed capitalized?