Community taxon and ID are "stuck"

Hello, I’m not sure if this is a bug or if some configuration effect, but I’ve noticed in some observations, like this one:
That it’s stuck on Family Nymphalidae, although 2 users agree in a species level.

3 ID agree in Family
2 ID agree in Species

What is the cause of this?

Cause is disagreement, if it will be withdrawn observation will get lower community taxon.

So if I disagree with a wrong species, use a family or genus, even if others suggest the correct species, it will be stuck on my suggestion? How many users must suggest the correct species then to change?

If in a case, you have 4 IDs:

  • Passer montanus
  • Passer (disagrees with that species, but not genus)
  • Passer domesticus
  • Passer domesticus

It will be stuck on Passer? If the second user withdraws that, then the last two will still be needing other vote (2/3).

System count should be at 1 to be at that level. When you disagreed with Cassionympha cassius you also disagreed with Satyrinae.


In the future, please look at the thread Why is this Observation Casual/Needs ID/Research Grade? - “Official” Thread
also, since this isn’t a bug, moving to #general

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As for fixing the issue, you can withdraw your existing disagreeing ID and optionally re-add it.

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That is very informative, thanks for sharing!
So disagreeing was a little more complex than what I thought.


In the line just above your screenshot it says What’s this?

I was impressed the first time I clicked it, to discover not a One Size Fits All - but for each obs iNat spells out where we agree and disagree up and down the taxon tree. Sometimes I tweak my ID slightly to move the CID to more meaningful. (Agree with genus, rather than maybe species for example)

PS the cutoff is a disconcerting over two thirds majority. So a single disagreement needs not 2, but 3 to overturn it.


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