Supporting a dissenting id

An observation has 3 species level ids (which I think are wrong) plus an order level id disagreeing with the previous ids. If I agree with the order level id it doesn’t ask me if I disagree with the species level IDs and appears to be treating my id as a neither agreeing or disagreeing with the species level ids.

It appears my id made no difference to the community id:

Is there a way I can disagree in a situation like this?


I have no solution for this issue here, but what you can do if you seriously disagree with an agreed upon ID by others (which happens often) is that you tick the box for 'Based on the evidence, can the Community Taxon still be confirmed or improved?
Yes (1)
No, it’s as good as it can be

That way, the record remains to be labeled yellow and will get more attention by followers of that taxon or area.
I’ve done that now for the record you referred to.

Gerben (Housecrows)

Thanks. It looks like it should be possible as this observation has multiple ids of “birds” with user disagrees this is [Pigeons and Doves]

You have to manually type in the ID rather than press agree. See


Thanks - I though I tried that on the second observation but perhaps I didn’t.

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