Confusion with getting default photos from flickr

I’m trying to add some default photos for a millipede species’ taxon page (trigoniulus macropygus) and because there are no observations, I looked for images of them on flickr. I found a couple i would like here, here, here, but I don’t know how to make it work. I searched up the photo ID numbers and they showed up when choosing photos for the taxon, but they don’t stay. I feel very newbie for asking this, but what am I missing here?


The copyright. They are All rights reserved.


that makes sense lol. thanks

@ kuchipatchis In case you aren’t aware of this, there was a discussion on the google group about problems with a change in Flickr policy leading to many default images becoming inaccessible (!searchin/inaturalist/flickr$20default|sort:date/inaturalist/ngNxx3a8t60/oC-EzdwnAQAJ). So 1st prize is to find a research grade iNat obs that is good enough to be default image. Only if there are no RG images, or none of good enough quality, should one look to external sources of images.

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As an addendum to vynbos’s comment - using iNat’s images loads the page much faster. As soon as iNat has to go looking for things on third party sites, it all slows down considerably. Those of us on ‘third world’ bandwidth, need all the speed improvements we can get!

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thanks! as it turns out, i managed to dig up a lot of observations of the species that were never IDed, so i was able to ID them and then add those photos to the taxon page, so it all worked out!


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