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I am looking for examples where common users download information to get something more advanced that a number of species.

There are a lot of tutorials on how to upload observations, but not much (or nothing that I have seen) on how to download meaningful information for the average user. For example, if I am a farmer interested in improving native species diversity. How do I use iNat info? Is someone trying to use iNat to get ecological indices for places?

I know about the many data biases and restrictions, but at one point I think people will be more interested if they can get more information to make decisions.

Cheers, Carlos


Two projects near me for example

Pine plantation (mostly) felled. Streams flow. Fynbos returns.

Projects including the word restoration almost 2K !!


I think this is a very interesting (and very big) topic, and would be interested to hear from farmers or managers who use iNat data. I think we need to distinguish maybe between actual data downloads (where you take raw iNaturalist data out of the database and export it to use elsewhere) and data queries (where you filter iNaturalist data to get a set of observations that help to answer a question). Data queries are pretty friendly on iNaturalist and one doesn’t need a lot of technical expertise to do them. I imagine if you are interested in growing native plants for sale and you want to know when a particular species flowers and goes to seed in your region, you could get that from iNaturalist with a structured query without actually downloading any data.


Estoy buscando ejemplos en donde los usuarios comunes (no científicos) descargan la información para obtener algo más que una lista de especies.

Hay muchos tutoriales que enseñan a subir observaciones pero poco (o ninguno) que enseñen a descargar información útil para un usuario promedio. Por ejemplo, si me dedico a la agricultura y me interesa mejorar la diversidad de especies nativas. ¿Cómo uso la información de iNat? ¿Hay alguien que esté tratando de utilizar iNat para obtener índices ecológicos para algún lugar?

Conozco los problemas de sesgos y restricciones de los datos, pero considero que en algún momento la gente estará más interesada en iNat si pueden obtener información para guiar sus decisiones.

Saludos, Carlos


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Hola Carlos, si quisieras descargar la data, podría usar esto vínculo.

Lo siento si no entendí su pregunta. Mi español no es el mejor.