Continuing a push to improve the taxonomic infrastructure of Genus Amanita (Kingdom Fungi) on iNaturalist

Hi folks,

Can we add the taxonomic rank of ‘Series’ as a necessary classification to properly organize species within Genus Amanita?

I have some added free time being the offseason to address issues regarding the taxonomic hierarchy in Genus Amanita.

I have begun documenting my 2020 collection before adding to my Amanitarum (Herbarium) and have run into a snag with iNaturalist being able to give the most finite level of taxonomy possible. This has come to light with my very first addition of past seasons collection.

The last conversation I was involved with in this curator forum we were discussing the possibility of adding the taxonomic rank of ‘Series’ (which is a recognized level of taxa). I see this push never happened, so I would like to continue bringing this up as it will help fine tune the ‘seemingly complicated’ structure of how we view the Genus Amanita.

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