Converting Traditional to a Collections Project


I’ve looked through the posts in the left panel related to converting a traditional to a collecting project.

When I preview the conversion to a collection project the # of observations drops from 1,809 (traditional) to 1,651 (collecting) and the # of species drops from 508 to 467 respectively. I can see that it is not pulling in the following:

  • Imperiled spp.
  • Vulnerable spp.
  • Location Accuracy falling outside the place boundary

These account for 31 observations by clicking on the ‘Find Unsuitable Observations’ on the traditional project.

What are the other observations that don’t qualify for a collections project that don’t appear in the list of observations shown under the ‘Find Unsuitable Observations’ on the traditional project? I hope that makes sense. :^)

Here’s the traditional project: Governors Island Wildlife



That’s due to the location fuzzing. If any part, even a small corner, of the obscured location box falls outside of the collection project area that observation is not included in the project.

It’s an issue that’s been discussed a lot and that many of us feel is a problem, but it’s been deemed an integral and intentional feature and is there to stay.

unfortunately, there is no way to manually add observations to a collection project, so the only way to include those is to increase the area of the collection project, which then kind of defeats the point of having a project area in the first place.

@earthknight Thanks for the follow up and the details. Based on your description of the way location accuracy is used in collections I’ll keep this as a traditional project. Would be great if the center point of the location is in the place boundary it should show up in a collection and not just a traditional project. Based on your note this appears to be an issue with some iNaturalist users including me.

Thank you.

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I absolutely agree, and it is especially confusing as the Place observations page WILL show these.

I am not talking about obscuration but ordinary publicly visible obs.

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