Making observation that DOESN´T end up in my project

I am new user and created a project that has no place assigned because iNat doesn´t yet allow me to create a place (because I am a new user). Because of this, every observation I make goes automatically to my project and the only thing I can do later is delete the observation. Is it possible for me to make observations that don´t go to my project or to take them off my project without deleting them completely? Thanks!

Create a traditional project and add observations manually (then you can transfer to collectional), please, don’t delete observations for that cause, they all matter!


Thank you for your help! Why is my project not “traditional”? How do I make it traditional?

There are two types of Project: Collection and Traditional. You should see the info about how they work under the link for each when you are creating a Project.
NB if a Collection Project does not have a Place assigned, it will collect every observation in iNat, unless you have put , Date, Taxa or other restrictions or exclusions in it. Temporarily, you might find it useful to put some restrictions, eg of Taxa, user or date in your Project
Until you can make your own place, you might find a Place already exists that is small enough to limit observations in it…but if your obs are all in a small area, as is likely at present during Covid restrictions, that may not help.
If you have more questions about how to create or use a Traditional project after reading the general info, I am sure you will get help here, so ask away!

Oh…and welcome to the forum:)


to address your problem, the most direct path is just to make 50 verifiable observations. only at that point will you be able to create a place. only at that point will you be able to create a traditional project.

it’s always possible to ask someone who has 50 verifiable observations to create a place or traditional project for you, but the intent of the 50 threshold seems to be to force new users to get more familiar with the basics of the system and the community before trying to do fancier things. so i think i would just work on getting 36 more verifiable observations (since you currently have 14).


Thank you all! I appreciate the help. Yes, I can easily get to 50 obs and then just define the place and voila: only the ones in the place should remain in the project… I think I got it and can solve it soon. You were a great help.


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