Cool project tracking Rainbow Lorikeet diets

Came across this article in Scientific American about an iNat project that’s been collecting data on Rainbow Lorikeet diets, seeing if there’s any linkage to lorikeet paralysis syndrome.

Molecular ecologist Rachele Wilson, an adjunct research associate at Griffith University near Brisbane and now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Queensland, came across a paper Phalen and Lacasse had written and realized she could complement the search efforts using a technique called DNA metabarcoding—which in this case involves testing DNA in sick birds’ droppings to match it to specific plant DNA “barcodes.” In 2022 Wilson completed a proof-of-concept study with eight lorikeet samples. These data, combined with iNaturalist observations, suggest the birds are feeding on more than 130 plant species, at least 30 of which are potentially toxic. (emphasis mine)

Anyone know of other very targeted species interaction iNat projects like this?


One of my favorites – with really incredible photography too:
Odonata - as prey · iNaturalist
Lots of observations from Greg Lasley here too.


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Thank you, @jwidness! Searched for lorikeets in the forum before posting. Should have tried more key words, I guess? Went ahead and deleted, since it was basically a duplicate.

There are large number of general and location specific projects documenting bird mortalities due to window strikes during migration.

No worries, in my experience forum searching is equal parts magic and luck :wink:

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