Copyright conflict resolved not updating on GBIF's media

I just found something odd on GBIF.

A record appears with no real picture but with the figure ‘Copyright Media Removed’. It was flagged as infringing copyright, however, the conflict was solved and it’s not longer the case. Therefore, I guess there is a problem on how the data are being shown on GBIF not reflecting the update on iNat.

Record on GBIF:
Reference on GBIF from iNat:
Record on iNat:


I don’t think the issue is with GBIF - they’re just loading the photo from the photo page, where it still shows as copyright infringement. We shouldn’t be showing the copyright infringment image there.

OK, the issue’s been fixed on iNat’s end: Still showing up as copyright infringement on GBIF but maybe it’s cached there or something.

Thanks Tony! Yes, that was exactly my point, although it has been fixed on iNat (it wasn’t copyright infringement in the end) GBIF still shows the picture like that. The link at which GBIF was pointing was also saying copyright infringement but it’s not longer doing it. So if it was cached, hopefully it gets updated soon :)