My observations are missing from GBIF and am not sure why

Hello everyone,

I did a first download of a GBIF database regarding my region and noticed my observations are missing.
Here is what I expected to see:
But actually there are none of my observations from iNat on GBIF at all. Is it possible that there is a problem with letters in my name? (á and š)
Or is it something else?

Thank you very much for any help.
Regards, Jonas


Your licence is set to all rights reserved, you need to go to profile settings and change it to an open one.


You might check you license settings. If you are all rights reserved, they do not get shared with GBIF

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Your observations also aren’t shared with GBIF if they’re CC BY NC SA, which is what I see selected on this observation.

If you select an observation license option with the green GBIF icon in your account settings, they’ll be included in the next export.


Thank you all, that was it! I changed all my observations to GBIF compatible license. Does anyone know how soon can I expect for them to be reflected in GBIF? I understand it takes time. Thank you!


A week or two when the next transfer will happen.


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