Coral spot or Orange Hobnail Canker

I see orange to reddish-brown fungal lesions on hardwood trees pretty frequently. I used to think these were all Nectria cinnabarina, but when I started using iNat, the AI would suggest Orange Hobnail Canker Endothia gyrosa, a new-to-me fungus species. I’ve looked into the two trying to figure out what the differences are, but haven’t had much success. Is anyone more familiar with these similar-appearing organisms and able to help me out?

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Hi jef,

what part of the world (roughly)? You could try tagging the top identifiers of the genus/species in your neck of the woods to see if they can help:

you could also tag the top observers, on the off chance that they know or have found out where to get such information. Note you can also click the leaderboards to see other people that identify or observe them regularly. Be respectful as a cold-caller, but most iNatters are pretty approachable!

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@johnplischke helped me out with my observation of orange hobnail canker just last week. My sighting was in Pennsylvania, USA, on beech.

I’d spent hours in the literature tracking down fungi that cause this canker, and the history is really confusing. Lots of synonyms that still seem to be in circulation.

I gather Endothia gyrosa is soon to become Amphilogia gyrosa. I.e., there’s a merge ahead.

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I am in eastern Massachusetts. Thanks for the advice, good ideas.

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