Hesperomyces harmoniae, a common fungus species that just finally got a name

Hello all! I’m dropping by to ramble about fungi for a minute! For those unfamiliar,
, colloquially known as “Beetle Hangers” are a group of entomopathogenic fungi. Within that group is the genus Hesperomyces, which was once thought to be just one species but was later found to be a complex of several species. One in particular has been found many times for several decades on Asian Lady Beetles, yet despite its commonality, it was just one of many unnamed beetle hanger species. However I was informed earlier today that it has just received a formal description for the first time and has been named H. harmoniae.

As someone who thoroughly nerds out over fungal insect parasites, I find this quite exciting. I actually observed H. harmoniae myself just a few months ago so the news that I can now put a name to it has me elated. Anyone else care to share their thoughts? :)




I never thought I’d work with entomopathogenic fungi, but they’re pretty cool! And there’s so much research potential. It’s too bad that there’s usually only funding for pathogens of invasive species.


Nerding out over fungal insect pathogens is perfectly normal. Well, normal enough on iNat, at any rate.


Is there any reason we shouldn’t do a taxon switch from H axyridis to H harmoniae?

one is the ladybird, one is the fungus; they’re two different entities. This is not one name replacing another

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I was delighted to see that iNaturalist is prominently featured in that publication, both via referencing observations as well as by using several photos from the platform

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