Country boundaries are different on browser versus android

Whenever I search for observations from Finland, the web version of iNaturalist shows everything inside a rectangle around Finland - including parts of Russia, Sweden and Norway. On android however it uses more precise country boundaries.
In both cases I use the first and only option given when searching for “Finland”.
Can I somehow use the more precise boundaries on the web version also?

welcome to the forum. filtering for places in the Explore page on the website is a common point of confusion for new users. instead of filtering for places using the Location input box next to the taxon input box, click on the Filters button, then More Filters, then use the Place input box in the More Filters form to look for your place.

the Location and Place filter inputs operate differently (i won’t get into it much except to say you can search the forum for many old posts on this topic), and there’s a reason that the Location filter box exists, but the bottom line is that you should probably use the Place filter box first and then resort to the Location filter only if you don’t get what you need from the Place filter.


This might might make it a bit clearer:

You could also use the general “search” field on the web, it will only return locations that are actual “places” (polygons) on iNaturalist.
The “location” field somehow also uses google maps to search for places, which is why it also finds locations that are not a “place” on iNaturalist, but I also think that is why you get the strange search result for Finland (which I however did not manage to reproduce)


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