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I hardly ever use tags, because I can’t remember them. I suppose I’m not the only one.
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I would like to use tags as personal organisation for observations, but I can’t, because I don’t remember what/ if I have used. Did I write two words together, or with dash or underscore, and which of the three languges that I am thinking in did I use? So it would be lovely to have a drop-down menu that shows what I have used - like here about projects. It would also eliminate spelling mistakes.

It could also be nice to see how many times a tag has been used for each suggestion…


You’ve got my vote!

Using a traditional project, instead of a tag, is a solution, while waiting for the release of this new feature.

Beware that the same tag name can be used (by chance) by different observers.
When searching for all observations tagged by clicking on the button showing the tag name, you get all observations tagged with this tag, not only your observations:

This is not very consistent because, anyway, one cannot add a tag to somebody else observations.

The button link should include a filter for the observer (in order to see only my observations with this tag). You might add this to your feature request, so that we get everything fixed together.

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We won’t be moving forward with this functionality. Tags are a pretty niche feature and we’ll be focusing dev time on other functionality.