Identify page ; Observation page / Dropdown list of upper taxonomic levels

When reviewing observations, it would be useful to have a dropdown list allowing to select any upper taxonomic level to submit it as a new ID for the observation.

Such list could be located next to every existing “Agree” button, the list containing all taxonomic levels upper than this ID to (dis)agree with.

For instance, in the example below, I would have simply selected “Caesalpinioideae” in a list next to this “Senna” ID or next to this “Agree” button:

After that, I would have chosen as usual if I agree or disagree with the current “Senna” ID when submitting this new “Caesalpinioideae” ID.

(My hands are sore after a lot of manual work done at home during confinement, which is why I am thinking of this optimization of the review work.)

Does this illustrate the feature you’re requesting?



Yes, this is what I meant. Thanks!