Create a dynamic species list for projects

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My proposal is to have a dynamic list that shows the project observations/species/leaves organised taxonomically. This would basically be a reimplementation of the user dynamic life list but for projects.

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As for details on implementation, I think the description above is clear enough, but please let me know if something isn’t.

As for motivation, here is my own:
I am a Junior High School Natural Science teacher, and I am planning to organize activities using iNaturalist in order to motivate my students to learn about nature and biodiversity.
I have read the teacher’s guide and some other material, and I am thinking of starting by organising small and very supervised bioblitzes, and see how it goes from there (perhaps having the kids help organise a larger one for the community). While planning exactly how I would explore the results of the activities with students, I thought having a dynamic list that shows the project observations/species/leaves organised taxonomically might be a very interesting tool.

Also, I imagine many bioblitz-like projects would benefit from this feature

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider my feature request.
Let me know if there is anything I might be able to help with.

the iNat API does provide taxon ancestry for all the leaf taxa in an observation result set. so you could build something like what you’re describing yourself.

just for example, here are the leaf taxa in one of your projects, along with taxon ancestry:

also, there are plans to build dynamic lists for places at some point in the future. so this would effectively satisfy your request for projects that are based solely on a single place.

if you would like to create something in Python, it looks like this thing might have the bones to do this:


Nice! Thanks for the pointers.

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Hello! I made that Python tool, hit me up if you need anything!

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