Taxonomic view for projects?

Is there a view, filter or setting for listing the observations of a project in a taxonomic view (as seen on

Take a look at these previous posts:

I think I found the/a workaround of sorts:

Replace the 1726 with the number of whatever project you’re interested in (1726 is ID of a project I run in SE Asia).

This seems to give a taxonomic view, but it appears to be incomplete. It should return 2026 taxa, but only returns 210. Maybe there is a limit placed on the returns?

And doesn’t have the same extra features as the lifelist view does (eg, no sidebar with images and such)


So it needs both project_id=1726 and projects=1726? Why the redundancy?

Doing some experimentation, I found that only projects= is necessary, the projects_id= field is unneeded.

If you don’t include the initial project_id=, when you go to look at observations of a specific species you get sent to global observations rather than observations just within the project.

That’s what it’s for. I have no idea why that’s the case, but if you leave it out it makes a difference for that portion. Makes no difference at the taxa level view though.

If you leave out the projects= portion, then you get an error reading and a page suggesting different ways to format the query.

I tried this query with my own project and got inconsistent results.

Using produced 0 taxa observed. Clearly incorrect

Using,research, which simulates the project criteria, produced 243 taxa observed. Possibly correct depending which taxa levels are counted.

Mine seems to work It came up with 813 taxa. I don’t know if that is correct but it seems around the ballpark. I have 694 species plus several taxa that I couldn’t get down to species

Not my project, but one I curate This looks good too. There are 1353 species and link comes up with 1666 taxa.

I wonder if that’s because yours is a taxon limited project and a place project rather than a universal collection project in a place.

Either way, I don’t understand why some folks are getting high numbers of returns while I’m getting roughly 1/10th of the returns I should be getting.

Clearly there is something weird going on under the hood.

In addition to my previous comment I also found that the “Download CSV” link doesn’t work - it produces a 404 error, resource not found. Certainly looks like something needs fixing.

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