Filter collection project using taxon list

I’d love to have the ability to query observations by a list of target taxa, whether in the Explore interface or by aggregation in a Collection Project. The ultimate use case I have in mind is establishing a Locally Rare Plants of Marin County project that will aggregate observations based on the list we have, both for documenting new occurrences and for truthing/reviewing the list itself. Lists like this are often formed by mining stodgy databases and the soliciting the reminiscences of local experts, but iNat’s wealth of observations is missing, crucially. It used to be an option in Traditional Projects!

You can do this by creating a list:
and then using list_id= on the Explore page.

Such as observations of these spring wildflowers in the Chicago area:

You can also add a list of target taxa in Collection projects, though it’s a bit tedious if your list is large:


Cool, thanks. That will serve as a snapshot workaround for now. Entering the taxa individually in a project is not something I want to do, but I might just bite the bullet

From another topic:

Maybe @pleary can give a status update on whether this might get implemented soon?