Create a taxon for holometabolous insects?

I would like to have the taxon ‘Endopterygota’ for all holometabolous insects. Creating this in the current system has its difficulties, because its rank does not have a name - it would be integrated slightly above ‘Order’.
Why I think it would be useful to have that taxon: because many caterpillar-like larval stages (Flies, Beetles, Hymenopterans) are often mis-IDed as Lepidopterans, and when corrected by other users the level goes back to ‘Pterygota’. When IDing for others, I am generally filling out the annotations, but there is no common life stage when resetting it - because Hemimetabola with their nymphal stage are also included. With the new taxon, the life stage annotations would be saved.


Taxon-specific issues are best discussed on flags. Only a small number of iNat users look at the forum.

Conversation should continue here:

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