Metalmark butterfly taxonomy

The Riodinid taxonomic framework on iNaturalist is a bit out-of-date, and I’m not sure who’s currently in charge of its curation so wanted to check here before doing anything. A series of phylogenetic studies have all validated the genus-level taxonomic scheme published by Seraphim et al. in 2018:

The biggest thing that I noticed is that the genus Hamearis, which belongs in the subfamily Nemeobiinae, is given its own tribe in the subfamily Riodininae.

Can anyone help here? Thanks!


Well, we had an agreement for Neotropical butterflies to follow the classification in, which needs updating to reflect recent publications. The idea is to wait for that to happen first, so we have a single source for the iNat classification. Unfortunately, BoA updates have been delayed at the moment, we’re still trying to resolve that.

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Welcome to the forum! @edanko Although I don’t know butterflies, my understanding is that iNat tries to follow broad, open sources for its taxonomy. Like Bugguide for NA insects. There is a listing in the Curators guide.