Create defined limit for number of observations downloaded to app

I’m not a big user of the app, but at times I will use it, especially if I can get a photo better with my phone versus whatever lens I have on my full camera.

It is nice to check for updates to sightings. Somehow it would be nice to be able to define how many observatiohs you want on your app, between the 100 you get when you clean up by logging out, and in my case the 26,000 I get when refreshing.

Can there not be a way for me to for example say send me the 500 most recent (or even better most recently updated) observations, or whatever number I set it to?

For bad internet connections the only action the app should do it uploading it to iNaturalist. I vote for this option but I prefer only not uploaded observations in the app and noting else. No already uploaded observations, species list or identification tab in the app or other Gigabyte consuming options.

Related / more holistic option?

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It may be similar, but I suspect it is much easier technically to limit the records to a specific count than try and dynamically calculate the size of the data either before sending, or to cut it off once it reaches that limit.