Creating a new place but .kml file not uploading due to error

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Step 1: get this error when trying to create new place

Step 2: Created new place on google earth, and created .kml file. It won’t upload here. I can view the polygons i made on other .kml viewers however…

Step 3: Help please!

iNat is more stringent with kml files than other places. If you post a link to the file (google drive, dropbox, etc.) we can take a look.!Ao_-OUpHi-Dxgpd673lbqXQJsdzELg?e=oSUPmV

Thanks for responding. Does this link to the file in my one drive work for you?

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I was able to access your kml file. Your ‘polygon’ is a series of separate lines/paths rather than a single true polygon. Looks like it was created in Google Earth(?) which I’m not familiar with so unfortunately cannot offer any help there, however @jwidness recently added an easy to follow tutorial for Google MyMaps. You could upload your kml file as a new layer and trace it following the tutorial instructions.

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If you made this with Google Earth you need to use the Polygon tool, not the Path tool.

I corrected this file for you, here’s a link to the area as a polygon instead of lines, and saved as a KML.

Try this for making the place:

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Wow that’s amazing!
Place now created.
Thank you so much.


Thanks for your help.
Very kind.