Create New Place Bug

I am attempting to create a new place manually. Uploading a kml file. Re-directs me back to with a 404 not found “Sorry that doesn’t exist” message.

Can you please email the KML to And when exactly do you get the 404 - when you upload the file, or save the place?

Will do. When I save the place.

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Exactly the same issue is happening via iNat NZ. Attempting to create a new place via kml manual upload, choose save place, then an error screen not recognising that place.


We have the same problem in Taiwan too. While attempt to create a place either by draw polygon or upload kml. Then the error shows it did not recognize the place. thanks!

It’s really difficult to investigate the issue without specific details. Please send KML files to, as well as any relevant screenshots, browser details, and a detailed description of what you’re experiencing.

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Done. Thanks for the help!

Thank you, we’ll take a look.

I tried to import the same KML and it works! It’s weird. If I encountered the same situation, I’ll report with reproducible details. Thanks!

I also have now succesfully created the place with the original file and method.

Hey folks, @kueda searched out the bug and fixed it. Let us know if it happens again.

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