Creating a place for Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Winnipeg is the capital city of the Canadian province of Manitoba.

The explore search for observations using the google place ‘Winnipeg, MB, CA’ only shows observations found in the place id for the Winnipeg Wildflower Project XBGG

Observations made within the city of Winnipeg boundaries do not show the city in the list of encompassing places see for example…

The city of Winnipeg located in Manitoba (MB) Canada (CA) does not appear in the list of places returned for the search term Winnipeg✓&q=winnipeg&commit=Search

There is an entry for Winnipeg, CA, MB This place has 0 observations.

The Division boundaries in Manitoba are census boundaries Division 11 contains Winnipeg entirely

Thanks for your help with this

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Was it ever a proper place with a boundary on iNat?

If you’re looking to create a new place, you can do so here: — “Add a New Place” under the map on the right

if you need the city boundaries in KML format, the city goverment provides it here: (click the Export button).

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sure I can do that - what made me think it was a bug is the change in the way the explore page functioned :)

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Done and dusted - oh I love it when the problem is a data fix :)

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There is a point place: or

You may want to merge that place with your new polygon place: or

OK helpful people - here is your next challenge…
point place and boundary place are now merged…

the steps to this point have now fixed all the issues mentioned in the original post except for the problems with the name - Winnipeg, CA, MB instead of Winnipeg, MB, CA - The link is also broken to the wikipedia article for the city - which it was not in my boundary place

as I am not the creator of the point place, I cannot edit it directly

i always thought it was an odd quirk that places would be created with ancestors appended in descending order instead of in ascending order (as the default). i wonder if this thing could be fixed as part of a broader systemd change + data correction?

Is Winnipeg and the map you uploaded not identical to Manitoba Division 11, which is already in the database as a standard place :

Division 11 also includes (the Rural Municipality of) Headingley, to the west of Winnipeg.

exactly @pisum

Part of what I am trying to support is the possibility of city challenges between the larger population centres in Manitoba - this would not be possible if we cannot search for the observations within the city limits. not a big thing on a global scale I do realize - but it makes the app look unprofessional to locals here if they cannot search for and find the capital city of their own province

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