Cropping images bugs

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

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Step 1: Click the link of those observations I listed above and use the same browser and website

Step 2: Thats it.

A bit more explanation is needed here to figure out what’s going wrong. Are you saying that you uploaded these photos to iNat, and then after uploading they seem to be cropped?


You should crop your images to 2048 x 2048. Not portrait. Any portrait images like this will be reduced to the maximum length 2048. For example the two thumbnail above are square.

Yeah , but at first they were fine

i assume your issue is with the desharpening (or fake bokeh?) that has been applied to the left 95% of each of your photos. it looks like you created the observations using the iOS app. so i assume your cropping and photo editing occurred within iOS. you might want to check to see how your default photo editing app in iOS is handling your photos.

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in my ios gallery it seems fine.

i didn’t claim it was fake. i was saying that there’s some sort of blurring that appears to be desharpening or a fake bokeh (bokeh applied by AI). is the blurriness the issue that you’re pointing out in this thread?


No my phone took the photo so it auto blurs stuff not the subject (Sometimes makes it look good)

so if you’re not concerned about the odd desharpening, then what is your concern exactly?

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Screenshot 2023-02-05 7.56.34 PM

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yeah. exactly. the desharpening is not applied consistently to your photo. that’s a problem with your photo editor, not iNat.


Ok,thank you.

Moved this to #nature-talk as it’s not a bug with iNat and I set it to close in 24 hours.

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