CSV exports: troubles with accents


I tried to export my observations through a CSV file. I have troubles with accents in french places
and common species names. Accents are not recognised and special characters appear instead, like this :


I usully use utf-8 encoding with csv files to avoid this problem, but I didn’t find a way to do so for iNat exports.

How would you do?


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the files do appear to be delivered as utf-8 csv files. i was able to successfully import into Microsoft Excel and get all the accents by:

  1. opening a blank workbook
  2. initiating a text import
  3. in the text import wizard, select “65001: Unicode (UTF-8)” as the file origin, and comma as the delimiter:

    (note that in my screenshots above, i did not check the “my data has headers” box, and i should have.)

Great, thank you @pisum!

This works and fully solves my problem.

Thanks for your help,


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