CV in Identify behaving strangely

The CV suggestions in Identify (Suggestions tab) are acting a bit strange. First, as noted here, Seen Nearby suggestions stopped working for a while. They are now appearing almost normally, although as @sgene noticed, they seem to no longer have priority. A raven observation I saw today had suggestions for most of genus Corvus, not just the ones within range - while it should have suggested American Crow and Common Raven, it also showed Pied Crow, Fish Crow, Chihuahuan Raven, etc. And the two suggestions that were Seen Nearby were buried randomly within the mess, rather than at the top.

Later, I was identifying observations with the taxon at Class Aves (Birds). I came across this observation, which seemed pretty obviously a thrush, but I clicked Suggestions to see if the CV had something more specific. First it filtered for Visually Similar in Class Aves, as it should have - but instead of ten suggestions it only brought up one, and it was a grouse, which was not even Seen Nearby.
Then I removed the filter for Class Aves, and all it suggested were snakes! (I swear I got a screenshot of this but I think it slithered away.) I reapplied the Aves filter and got the grouse again, then removed it, and got thrushes as expected. As interesting as this is to mess with, it’s very annoying for identifying. Why is it doing these things? Can it be fixed? It seems random, since the same observation is now showing perfectly normal suggestions.


Thank you, @fluffyinca , for pursuing my question on the other topic, which I withdrew when the topic was closed. Today I have been experiencing everything you are describiing.

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Now there’s no option to filter by Visually Similar? This is getting worse and worse!

It is working for me now

Yes, me too. It just disappeared for about ten minutes then came back.

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