"Seen nearby" suggestions not showing up when using CV to identify

When I generate CV suggestions for an observation, I am only receiving “visually similar” suggestions, no “seen nearby” suggestions.

I’m using Android, but the same thing happens on the website.
I noticed it just now (about 1:00 pm EST, on 11/6/21)

Was the “seen nearby” option intentionally turned off for some reason?


I just noticed this too! Very annoying, although I was able to use the displayed maps to get a basic idea of whether something was seen nearby.

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I just noticed this as well. I’m bulk uploading a ton of observations and it keeps suggesting species from the wrong continents. For my Northern Harrier it got the genus right but all the suggested species were african/eurasian.


Seen Nearby is working for me

I just encountered the same problem on the website.

It is not working for me today too.


Not working for me today either (using Google Chrome on the website).

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This is also happening to me, using both the mobile android app and the chrome site.

Hm. Guess it’s just down or something today? It’s happening to me too, on iOS. Looks like the device being used isn’t a huge factor though. Weird. Hope they fix it soon.

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Same for me on the website using Safari on MacBook.

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Nearby suggestions should be working again


yes they are working for me again. Thanks!

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