Danger of locations on iNaturalist

That’s surprising, since there are a bunch.

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In every place except Canada, iNaturalist curators already have permission to change taxon geoprivacy. The guidelines are here: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/curator+guide#geoprivacy

Since this subject has been covered so much in the linked topics (and more!) I request that folks:

  • please flag a taxon for curation if it looks like it should be obscured and isn’t currently. You can do this by going to the taxon page, then clicking Curation>Flag for curation. The “reason” section for the flag is rather small, but when the flag saves, there is a link to view it and add a longer comment. From there you would add your reasoning, such as that there is evidence it’s being poached in that area, and observations on a site like iNat would contribute to that (vs. some heavily poached taxa which are quite easy to find without need for a tool like iNat)
  • read through the linked topics and participate in those that are relevant
  • create a specific actionable feature request for preferred changes to how geoprivacy currently works
  • or open a new discussion topic with a bit narrower subject focus