Provide a place to post conservation status/obscuration decisions

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It would be helpful to provide a way to see the conservation/obscuration status of a species, and particularly how that status was arrived at. That is, if I see a species is obscured, I’d like to know why - is it a default decision (based on the CDC’s application of status ranks), or has it been changed - and if so, why was it changed?

It wouldn’t need to be an exhaustive discussion. Just something to indicate the basis of the decision.

This could potentially reduce the need for CDC staff to field repeated requests to change the status of the same species, for iNat users to duplicate requests made by other users, and for curators inadvertently reversing decisions of other curators.

I don’t have a strong opinion as to how exactly this might be done, just that the information should be available somewhere.



i agree, standardizing how this is tracked and the justification for the decision would be really valuable to have visible on the taxon page, perhaps. Maybe within the ‘status’ tab, maybe with a place visible only to curators where it’s possible to make additional notes.


Is the flag space sufficient?

There is also the conservation status “Description” section which displays on the Status tab on the taxon page as well as in a tooltip on each observation in that place. (The formatting of the latter is a bit wonky.)


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I think @carrieseltzer has been working on a re-design of taxon pages and the conservation status/auto obscuration workflow.

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