On conservation status, endemics and invasive species

Is there any possibilty of adding local (country-wise) red books and black books?

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Curators can already add national red list statuses manually. The system on iNat is based on IUCN categories, though, which may be a problem if your national red book uses a different system.

For invasive species, I’m familiar with national species lists, but I’ve never heard of any national ‘black book’ where they are actually ranked. The closest thing you can do on iNat is set ‘establishment means’ to ‘introduced’ for a country.

Do you have any specific question about endemics?


The problem is curators can not add a source, so if it is not present to choose (and basically none are there), they have to leave it blank which means they personally are listed as the source, which is far from ideal, and prone to other curators simply removing it.

I’ve requested this numerous times, and it has not been axdopted by the site.


Ok, I hadn’t noticed this. It used to be possible to do so - I added the Portuguese national assessments a couple years ago

I dont know if it once was possible, but it is no longer. If it is not in the 20 or so listed there, you can’t add it, you can only leave it as blank, which means you are cited as the basis for the obscuring. And there is a general consensus I would say among the curators community that individual curators should not be doing unsourced unilateral changes to obscuring, which is what this then effectively becomes.

I raised a request to allow curators to add sources back in the Google Groups days and in private communication with site staff (I wanted to do the same for the Danish Red List), but it was not taken up.

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Thank you everybody!
So i guess there are only couple soutions for now:

  1. Add a comment to an observation (Endangered, Endemic, In the red book of (country)).
  2. Make a project on the needed topic (Invasive, Endemic, etc.) and add obs there.
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It woulda been nice though to have those little marks that pop up (EN, arrived by anthropogenic means). -_-

I have initiated a feature request. https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/add-new-conservation-status-authorities/3813


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