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The Atlas of Life(Coastal Wilderness) has been building a biodiversity database for our region over the last 10 years. We are in transition moving records from the Naturemapr platform to iNaturalist and are finding some of the data issues beyond our understanding, even with all the great help Scott Loarie has given us, so we are looking for support and advice so we can make the best decisions for the future of the project.

Are there any data experts in the iNat. community that might be able to work with us on this?

We are also trying to understand more about how to access our data in the Atlas of Living Australia(ALA) database, which is where all our records(340,000+) end up. We thought then perhaps the ALA, where all our records go once moderated, might be the solution to a central location of our decade long data gathering. However when I have tried to see our data on ALA, I find it almost impossible to get to it, and when I do, it seems that some metadata such as photographs have been lost. Is there anyone in the Forum who might help us work out a way to have all our records easily accessible?

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@tonyrebelo may have some advice or pointers in this regard.

this might be a case where the licensing on an observation and/or the licensing on the photos may not be permissive enough to allow them to be pushed over to ALA.

it’s possible there may be other problems, too, though. it sounds like there a few things that may need to be worked out in the interface between iNaturalist and ALA. see

if you can provide a few examples of problem observations, it might be easier to provide a more definitive explanation of what might be going on.

some more details about the data issues or examples might help us help you a little better.

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Capeleopard, Pisum, thanks for your responses, unfortunately I am not a database person which is why we are looking for people who know their way around these things to help us work out what’s best to do,
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Libby, @pisum asked for you to provide specific examples. Its hard for anyone to work out what’s going on unless they start looking randomly at individual records, which I just did. didn’t go to ALA presumably because the RG species Rusa timorensis doesn’t exist there. That would be a matter to take up with ALA. Other issues may occur for other observations.

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