Date listed in metadata does not match date listed in info on Mac Photos

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Step 1: I’m not sure you can replicate the issue because it happened when I went to upload 2 photos. It listed the metadata as being taken in 2014 even though on the info Mac Photos it said 2018. I’m not sure my screen shots uploaded here.

Step 2:

Step 3:

A link to the observation or the original photo?

Maybe the problem is the same as this one

Thanks @konrad_k

I think it is a different problem, since it involves a discrepancy of about 4 years instead of 1024 weeks (19+ years).

Probably you’re right. It was just a guess.

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Thanks @jdmore. I don’t think I’ve encountered this problem before. I am wondering where iNat finds the the 2014 date since the photo id has the 2018 date.

Could you share the photo?

Here are the 2 photos. I ended up not uploading them to iNat because of the date discrepancy.

Are you sure those are the original photos? They don’t have any metadata. Neither the website nor the Android app detects any info about the date.

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I can’t be 100% sure because it was a while ago. As mentioned above, here is what the info says on my Mac. I know nothing about the concept of metadata, and I don’t know how to get at it. It looks like this photo was taken with my Fujifilm camera so most likely I would have downloaded the picture directly to my laptop.

I just tried uploading a few other photos from this Feb. 2018 time period, and they are all saying 2014/01/01 on iNat. When I try photos from Mar. 2018, they all have the correct date.

Could you add an observation with one such photo?

Seems the forum (just like iNat) removes all metadata so we can’t see it. @llsrvd You should try uploading it to some file sharing service (Google Drive, so we can access the original photo and try to reason from there.

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@konrad_k thanks for your help on this. I just uploaded one of the photos with the odd date and time:

Thanks @exonie. I’m not really familiar with file sharing services. I did upload one to iNat, but from what you’re saying, this may not help? I can’t really think of why this would have happened. The date of 01/01/14 and on and after midnight seems odd. Also I did not have the Fujifilm camera in 2014. This only involves a handful of photos, so if I am able I can just change the date manually.

Ok, now iNat shows some metadata, but interestingly, there’s no info about the date :thinking:

This sounds like a small problem just related to me and just for that small time period. If I decide to upload those few photos, I will just change the date. Thanks all for your help.

The observation is obscured, and iNat removes the public date, time, and location metadata from photos associated with obscured observations. Only the observer can see them.

@llsrvd what you can do is go to and take a screenshot that shows the date/time metadata from the photo (don’t include the GPS coordinates). Or, you can email the photo to and I can take a look at it. Please make sure to attach the photo and dont put it in the body of the email. Oftentimes doing the latter removes metadata from the photo.

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That makes sense. Didn’t think of that.

Hi @tiwane I appreciate the help, but this problem has only cropped up for a small group of photos, only 6 of which I might submit to iNat. I can just change the date. I don’t think it’s worth spending your time on. Many thanks!

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