iOS app does not detect date

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): iOS 15.3.1

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When I try to add observations from the camera roll, the app does not detect the time and date information from the picture. I checked and this information is present on the picture, but somehow the app fails to fetch it. This is something new, I took about 50x pictures in the same day but the issue appeared after I uploaded about 10.

Step 1:

I upload the image as usual but the time/date is not showing
Step 2:

If you take a look at the picture info, it does have the time/date info.
Step 3:

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That does seem pretty strange, that it stopped including the date after uploading 10 pictures. Did restarting the phone help? There are some other potential remedies for iOS upload issues, but I cannot recall them off-hand. :woman_shrugging:

Can you please send a full-sized copy to so we can take a look?

So you imported photos already taken with your camera into the iNat app and started uploading them? Did you quit the app at all? Just trying to make sure I can try to reproduce the replication conditions as closely as possible.

Hi Tony! @tiwane I did business as usual: went to the field and took a lot of pictures with the phone. I don’t use the app to add direct observations when I’m out as the phone GPS usually fails providing the exact spot, so I always want correct it manually, and also the app consumes more energy and I don’t want to run out of battery.

That night I uploaded a few observations and suddenly and after submitting a few as always, I got an alert that I hadn’t provided a date for one. I added it manually, but the same repeated in the following tries. I reinstalled the app and restarted the phone and still I got the same problem. When I add an observation directly by taking a picture with the app, it does provide a date. I will send this same text by email, but leave it here just in case someone had the same issue.

Thank you!

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