Date of observation is not showed in the specific observations nor to others

The date of the observation is correctly taken from the photo information, but it’s not showed to other users nor in the specific observation page. Seems it can’t read the information from the database.

Here some pics:

Does iNat obscure dates as well as locations on vulnerable species?
Does this happen on other observations too?

This seems to be happening since about a month with new observations, and it also affects the submission dates of older observations.

This is a translation issue that seems to have come in with the last batch of translatewiki updates. Since we’ve moved to Crowdin for translations, so if anyone wants to fix it you can do so at (AAAA should probably be YYYY). To my knowledge this is just a display issue: underlying date information is not being altered.

Ok, thank you. Do you think it will be fixed in the shortime?

You can fix it right now at Just suggest a translation with YYYY instead of AAAA. I’m hoping to get Crowdin live on the website by the end of this week.