Dates all reset to Dec. 31, 1969

Could you make a screenshot of your picture data, may it be the system reads tags or something like that as a date?

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Welcome to the iNaturalist Forum! Did you happen to change your iNaturalist username to beestie (I love it)? I’m trying to find your observations, but there’s no user named l57 as shown in your screenshot. (It’s also helpful if your iNaturalist forum and iNaturalist username match.)

if so, here’s an example link for others trying to troubleshoot:

Hi sorry yes I did change username - I’ll change the forum name so it matches. Here is a screenshot of the photo data for the one you linked

i had the same problem with the app on Android. it changed the data and wouldn’t upload then i deleted the observation and reuploaded with no problem

This doesn’t help solve your problem, but 1969-12-31 is “day 0” for the clocks on unix-like systems (including Android), so this means that somehow the date field is either blank or zero.

Just FYI, you don’t have to change your forum name if you don’t want to, though you should probably fix the forum link to your iNaturalist account.

@beestie it doesn’t look like your account has a time zone set for it, which I think may be the cause here. Or at least it would be good to eliminate as a possible cause.

Log in to, go to Account Settings, select your local time zone, then click Save at the bottom of the page. Then try to upload a photo like you have before and see if the date is still stuck in the sixties.

If anyone experiencing this can send us log files after they upload an observation that is assigned this date, that would be really helpful.

To send log files, go to the About tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log files to us.

@beestie can you please email the original photo to

Please fill out the following sections to the best of your ability, it will help us investigate bugs if we have this information at the outset. Screenshots are especially helpful, so please provide those if you can.

Platform (Android on Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

App version number1.20.22

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) :

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

Screenshots of what you are seeing

Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.):

Step 1: I pick images from my Gallery and share to iNaturalist

Step 2: Once iNaturalist opens, the date is set at Dec 31, 1969 and 7:00 PM

I have been using the app for 4 years and have not had this issue. Should I re-install the app?

I am presenting a webinar on using iNaturalist on Wed, Oct 21 from 7-8pm ET. Hoping to get this issue resolved before that. Thanks!

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I’m sorry for not updating this report. Our Android developer was able to look at an example photo and will investigate further.

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Welcome to the Forum, @ana_kaahanui :)


As @twainwright noted about the dates being Unix Epoch time, I noted this trend and reported this bug that seems specific to Samsung Galaxy S10e phones:

I’ve been experiencing the same problem, or a related one, since around the time this bug was first reported. Since it just happened to me again today, I figured I’d chime in.

Platform Android on Samsung Galaxy S10
App version number 1.20.27

Description of problem
Step 1: Create a new observation with existing images from Gallery or Recent Files (these images have the correct date and time in the Gallery)
Step 2: Date fields are filled in as Dec. 31, 1969, 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Problem does not occur when I create a new observation and take photos with the iNaturalist camera; date and time fields populate correctly. And it seems to be an intermittent problem; I just tried to recreate it using the same pictures I had the issue with earlier today ( for which I corrected the date via the website), and this time the date didn’t revert to 1969. I deleted the duplicate observation.

Would it still be helpful for me to send the log files even though I messed around with some test observations after having the issue today?

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I don’t think it would hurt to have the log files :)

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We were able to replicate the issue (thanks for the photo @theachesney) and should have a potential fix out in a beta release.


I continue to have this issue as well. Samsung Galaxy S10e running Android G970USQS4ETK2. I assume the beta has not yet been released?

We fixed what we believe to be one cause of this bug, but we need more original photos to test with to root out other causes. If you can please email the original photos with their metadata to that would assist us in investigating it. Note that sometimes email apps strip metadata from photos, so sometimes using Dropbox, Google Drive, or something similar is a safer solution.

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Tony - Just seeing this. I’ll email the photos in next time it happens. I’ve already corrected the dates so can’t recall which ones it was. - Matt

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Thanks to photos someone sent to us, we have a fix out soon in the newest beta version which should address that cause. I’d be curious if this fixes it for some folks here, you can test out the beta version here: